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The “Nu” in our name speaks of a new, fresh and imaginative approach to people management required for success in a changing economy. The HR refers to Human RELATIONS - not the traditional "resources". Relationships are key to success with people. 


Originally established 10 years ago, I’ve been supporting young, growing technology companies to navigate the people management challenges of growing their business’s. 


We free people, teams and companies up, to be and deliver their best.

"Hi, my name is Johan Prinsloo.

After growing up in a traditional HR corporate environment I was entrusted with a companywide culture change effort. This fundamentally changed my perspective on managing people. I realised the importance of managing people through relationships (not rulebooks) and this was foundational to my future journey in people management and organisational design.


I became a lifelong student of organisations that are successful with people.


I find the enablement and growth of individuals, teams and organisations hugely satisfying. Doing this for young growing technology companies, the business domain I’m most familiar with, provides me with a work environment in which I make meaningful contributions. (so I’m told😊)


Integrating the elements of the people systems to make the entire organisation function as a unit also motivates me.



To be a truly great company you need to tap into the ingenuity of your people.

To tap into the ingenuity of your people you need to create the social structures that unlock their willingness to give their very best, every day. These are the things that we help you with.


This roadmap outlines the structural elements to creating a high performance company. The work of “dealing with the business of people” can be organized into 3 major categories.

Each category consists of specific actions and practices to create a high performance organization. 

implementation of the roadmap



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Headquarters in Somerset West,

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Tel: 082 457 0078​

E-mail: johan@nu-hr.co.za

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