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You are a young, growing technology business with a dream.

We want to help you fulfil that dream, and make it easy for you to

grow even further.

Scaling the people operations

A 3–4-person start-up is very different from a 15-person company and both of these are very different compared to an organization with 100’s of employees.  At every order of magnitude (1, 10, 50,100, 1,000, etc) — expect every process to break. You need to change the process each time at each level of scale. 

Marissa Mayer: CEO of Yahoo formerly of Google: “I saw this happen all of the time with all of our processes: our hiring process, code deployment, etc. We would go one step further and everything would break.”  Companies can die at each switch of focus from survival (start-up) to quick growth (scale-up) to ROI (maturity), especially on the people matters. 

We help you manage the many breaking points, tensions and complexities of scaling.

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Just imagine your talented employees successfully implementing your business model with customers queuing up for the value you provide!