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You are a young, growing technology business with a dream.

We want to help you fulfil that dream, and make it easy for you to

grow even further.

Scaling the people operations

A 3–4-person start-up is very different from a 15-person company and both of these are very different compared to an organization with 100’s of employees.  At every order of magnitude (1, 10, 50,100, 1,000, etc) — expect every process to break. You need to change the process each time at each level of scale. 

Marissa Mayer: CEO of Yahoo formerly of Google: “I saw this happen all of the time with all of our processes: our hiring process, code deployment, etc. We would go one step further and everything would break.”  Companies can die at each switch of focus from survival (start-up) to quick growth (scale-up) to ROI (maturity), especially on the people matters. 

We help you manage the many breaking points, tensions and complexities of scaling.

Just imagine your talented employees successfully implementing your business model with customers queuing up for the value you provide!


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